Quadrotor RC Hubsan X4 Mini - 2.4Ghz - RTF (Listo para volar)

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Puede ser pequeño, pero lo que al micro quad-copter UFO Hubsan X4 le falta en tamaño, le sobra en diversión y habilidades de desempeño. El X4 viene con 6 ejes de sistema de control de vuelo con giroscopio ajustable, permitiendo estabilidad de vuelo con respuesta súper rápida.


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Quadrotor RC Hubsan X4 Mini - 2.4Ghz - RTF (Listo para volar)

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Puede ser pequeño, pero lo que al micro quad-copter UFO Hubsan X4 le falta en tamaño, le sobra en diversión y habilidades de desempeño. Lo crean o no, puede volar en exteriores dependiendo del clima. Este es uno de esos modelos que definitivamente hay que tener si usted es nuevo en el mundo del pilotaje, o si solo le gusta divertirse por momentos. El X4 viene listo-para-volar con una pantalla LCD de 4 canales y transmisor de 2.4GHz que permite ajustar los modos de sensibilidad para vuelos normales o expertos. La carga de la batería de polímero de litio de 240mAh se realiza a través de un cable USB y se demora solo 30 minutos.

El X4 viene con 6 ejes de sistema de control de vuelo con giroscopio ajustable, permitiendo estabilidad de vuelo con respuesta súper rápida. El giroscopio ajusta la velocidad de los rotores constantemente y de manera automática para mantener al quad-copter estable y haciéndolo más fácil y divertido de volar. La potencia viene de 4 motores sin núcleo, que son mucho más pequeños pero más potentes, silenciosos y de mejor respuesta que los convencionales con núcleo de hierro. Por causa de sus menores vibraciones y mayor producción, se obtiene mayor estabilidad de vuelo, más potencia y mejor control. El quad-copter es capaz de hacer vueltas en 4 direcciones – izquierda, derecha, adelante, atrás, y mucho más.

La carcasa cubre totalmente la fuerte estructura para proteger los principales sistemás eléctricos. El elegante diseño se ve fantástico durante el vuelo y la capacidad de ciclos de giro, figuras de ochos, y demás bancos de movimientos son simplemente sorprendentes. Los 4 motores suministrados proveen más que suficiente potencia para realizar volteretas y giros.

Información adicional

SKU (Número de Referencia) MEU-870H107
Manufacturer Hubsan
Fabricar RTF
Equipo de Radio 2.4 GHz
Motor / Motor Con escobillas
pales Monopala
Canales 4 Ch
  • Battery: 3.7v 240mAh LiPo
  • Radio: 2.4GHz 4-channel radio with extended range
  • Size: 60*60mm
  • USB charging cable
  • Flying Weight: 38g
  • Air time: apx. 10 min per charge
  • Características
    • 2.4GHz 4-kanaals radio
    • Verstelbare normaal of expert gevoeligheidsmodi
    • 3.7V 240mAh LiPo accu
    • 4 Core- motoren
    • Laatste 6-assige besturingssysteem met instelbare gyro setup
    • USB-oplaadkabel
    • Korte oplaadtijd APX. 30 min voor 10 minuten vliegtijd
    • lichtgewicht, gegoten canopy voor extra bescherming
    • Lichtgewicht duurzaam casco
    • Super stabiele vlucht prestaties
    • Gewicht slechts 38g (inclusief batterij)
    Requerido para utilizar
    • 4 AAA Batteries

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    Revisiones de Cliente

    Excellent Revisión por James
    La Velocidad de Entrega
    This Quadcopter is very impressive, on receiving my package I opened the box and was immediately impressed at the detail taken to package the Hubsan X4 there is no chance of it getting damaged during transport. After taking it out of the box you start to become aware of how small it is, the pictures don't do it justice but don't let the size fool you this is a serious hobby grade quadcopter it is fast agile and is capable of aerial stunts such as banked turns and flips in all directions.

    Build quality is good the body is strong and the arms break loose on impact to prevent anything breaking. The motors are good and powerful if you take your hands away from the sticks it will just sit there in a stable hover. This quad files great indoors in beginner mode (a slowed down reactions) it even flies well in small spaces, but outdoors is where this thing really takes off it is so fast in expert in will out run my RC car easily when in expert the controls are sharpend up and that is when you can do filps with great precision.

    Nitrotek have the best price i have seen and this quad is worth every penny. (Publicado en 08/12/13)
    Great fun, but may need some setting up Revisión por smeghead
    La Velocidad de Entrega
    What fun, more so considering the price. The X4 can be flown more aggressively, and with more freedom of movement, than coaxial helis or other aircraft in the same price bracket. It can even be flown outdoors in quite some wind. I’m amazed that something so small can fly – and climb – so fast.

    The “6-axis” stability controller works very well: let go of the pitch/roll control and it will level itself and slow (more or less) to a halt – this is excellent if you get confused with orientation. It will happily take off from an angled surface and automatically level itself. The aircraft is fairly robust and should survive normal crashes. Even though the radio is 2.4GHz, don’t expect much in terms of range. The controller feels cheap, and the rudder control has a rather large dead-spot in the middle and sometimes has a spongy response, but one cannot expect much at this price. I typically get flight times (gentle flight) of 8 mins 30 seconds from a full charge.

    Apparently, you are meant to be able to fly the X4 straight out of the box. It should hover nicely with the trims set to centre (one or two clicks off dead-centre [where the trim ‘beep’ is higher-pitched] is OK). Unfortunately, the calibration of my unit was way off. If yours needs calibration too - DO NOT use the trims to compensate. If a lot of trim is applied, spinning (yawing) the aircraft will result with sudden speed (pitching), instability and loss of control.
    The gyro calibration procedure (below) is not described in the supplied manual. To calibrate it:

    1. Make sure everything is powered up, binded and working, throttle at bottom/minimum.
    2. Place the unit on a level surface (the unit itself must be dead-level); make sure it remains still.
    3. Enter “Expert mode” by momentarily PRESSING IN the right-hand stick of the controller (squeeze the handle INTO the controller, it will click; then red light on the Tx will flash) (if you see “SE”, then you held it in for too long).
    4. Move the left-hand stick over to the bottom right (not so much that the motors spin) and hold it there. While holding…
    5. Quickly wiggle the right-hand stick left, right, left, right, etc until the blue lights flash on the X4.
    6. Exit “Expert mode” by again pressing in the right-hand stick
    7. Fly

    I recommend you set sensitivity to maximum (80 for all controls) for greatest speed and fun.

    I already have a lot of aircraft (aerobatic helicopters, competition gliders, FPV planes, quad-copters); so far my X4 is the most fun for the price. You won’t regret buying this.
    (Publicado en 01/08/13)

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