Escala 1:8

Buggy Werewolf Eléctrico a RC - a escala 1/8 - Versión Estándar

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SKU: A2015T

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This is our highest spec electric RC car. Designed with pro racing in mind this model will allow you to race and win at a National level. It's feature packed with many new exclusive innovations found only on this model that puts it ahead of the competition. The Werewolf will go well over 50mph and the upgradeable setup means the potential of the buggy is endless. Standard Version



Our highest spec electric radio controlled car is the all new 1/8th brushless Werewolf. Designed with pro racing in mind this model will allow you to race and win at a National level. It's feature packed with many new exclusive innovations found only on this model that puts it ahead of the competition. The brushless setup with big powerful motor and 11.1V li-po battery allows the Werewolf to go well over 50mph as standard out of the box and then the upgradeable setup including the option to add an extra three batteries means the potential of the buggy is endless. For a race though a model needs to be quick on the corners as well as the straight and the Werewolf certainly has that covered with the highly adjustable settings and high spec design making it an all round race winner.

The Werewolf comes in two different versions, standard and pro. Although very similar the pro version has been upgraded with sway bars and front CVD shafts fitted as standard. The pro version also has aluminium shocks with adjustable turnbuckles whereas the standard has plastic shocks.

The brushless RC car comes fully built with everything you need to get racing apart from eight normal AA batteries for the radio handset. As the radio equipment is 2.4G it means many models can be raced together at the same time. This is a high spec racing model that at full speed requires some real skill to control it. It is therefore recommended for ages 14+



The solid aluminium chassis features countersunk screws that will protect your model from any rocky or bumpy terrain damage.


The big LiPo battery makes the car very fast. The battery compartment is adjustable so can fit other after market batteries and even two batteries can be fitted at the same time.


1/8th SCALE
This buggy measures 505mm x 185mm x 310mm (length, height, width)


As well as front and rear differentials, this model also features a third central differential to give the best possible handling.



The gears in the servo have been upgraded from metal to plastic.


Brushless motors are much faster than standard ones. The motor has an aluminium heat sink and the speed controlled has its own fan to keep all the electronics operating at their peak temperature.



The front and rear working differentials greatly improve handling. They are connected by a strong aluminium central drive shaft.



All new 2.4GHz radio technology is used. This is more reliable than the old FM equipment and allows multiple RC cars to be used in the same area without interference.



Both the angle and tension of the oil filled shocks is adjustable. 


Especificaciones & Características

Información adicional

SKU (Número de Referencia) A2015T
Fabricante Acme-Tech
Escala 1:8
Fabricar RTR
Conducir 4WD
Para Terreno En carretera
Equipo de Radio 2.4 GHz
Tipo Buggy
Motor / Motor Sin escobillas
  • Altura: 185mm
  • Longitud: 505mm
  • Ancho: 3 mm
  • Base de la rueda: 315 x 320 mm
  • Pista F/R: 3 mm
  • Distancia al suelo: 30mm
  • Peso: 3000g
  • Radio: 2.4Ghz Tipo de Pistola
  • Batería: .1V Li-Po con cargador
  • Motor: Sin escobillas con ESC
  • Escala: 1:8
  • 1/8 Coche sin escobillas
  • Altas velocidades extremas
  • 2.4G Equipo de radio
  • 4WD Sistema de accionamiento del eje
  • 3 diff. eje de accionamiento 4WD
  • Chasis de aluminio de 2,5 mm
  • 3mm F/R Alum. torre de choque;
  • Servo de dirección con engranajes metálicos de alto par
  • Ejes de accionamiento universales delanteros (versión Pro)
  • Todos los enlaces configurados con tensores ajustables
  • Opción para cuatro sistemas de freno de disco
  • Motor sin escobillas, ESC sin escobillas
  • Batería de Li-Po y cargador equilibrado
  • Además de muchos más. Vea las imágenes a continuación para el resto de las características.
Requerido para utilizar
  • 4 pilas AAA



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  1. 1:8 brushless buggy

    Por matt parker April 17, 2014

    At the moment a bloody good deal once its delivered I will review it and tell what I really think of it but o will give it 10/10 for price and value

  2. tgftgg

    Por ben February 06, 2014

    cool nice buggy i love it

  3. Great RC car. Insane acceleration. Great at jumps

    Por lukas4654 August 27, 2013

    I have had this car for about 2 mouths now and I have had this car going 43mph i don't know where they got 50mph from... but the battery life is amazing so 43mph and a long play time isn't bad at all. this RC car is also very good at big jumps if the have the skill to land them well, i have had mine jump 6ft high =) All in all I give this car 4 out of 5 because of some little problems i have had with spare parts and cogs getting shredded because of this cars insane amount of torque. A great piece of kit and a hole lot of fun.

  4. Amazing

    Por Buz December 08, 2010

    I am a newby to RC cars . I decided not to go for an "entry level" buggy but rather opted for the WereWolf which looked pretty darn smart! I don't regret that decision as this buggy is awsome fun and amazingly fast. Perhaps rather faster than my reactions!

    Anyone thinking about this buggy should better go for the Pro version and not the standard... The buggy is well built and pretty sturdy (especially when you compare it to similar priced models in many model shops) BUT it is not indestructible and the standard version has a problem with the front wheel drive shafts popping out of their wheel mountings on hard lock causing damage to the buggy - in my case to the cogs in the front differential. I've replaced my shafts with the pro's upraded CVB version and this is completely solved. The other slight weakness is the exposed design of the front shocks and shock mountings with almost naff all for a bumper. I've just destroyed the shock on one side by hitting a fence post just a little too hard. Again the standard version comes with plastic shocks. Maybe the pro's aluminium shocks would have been stronger. Happily Nitrotek do seem to have all the spare parts (or can get them) which you should factor in to your purchase as I don't think I'll be the only one needing bits from time to time.

    I saw a few reviews suggesting that the wheel nuts come loose quickly. No joke. You need to tighten these much more than they come in the box. Maybe even use some threadlock. And you need to carry around some essential tools to tighten up a number of the fixings after a bit of racing or you'll end up searching in the grass for ages!

    Despite a few niggles, you can't really have much more fun with a buggy than this. It surpassed my expectations, anway. I've had so may people look on in amazement as you hit the throttle and the thing takes off at incredible speed. Do the same on a gravel track and you can have that back end sliding round to do impressive 180 degree turns or incredible doughnuts! Just wish the battery lasted a bit longer.

    Anyway, well done Nitrotek. You've made a middle-aged man feel like a boy again!

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